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Kimonos designed

and made in France

Order your kimono DOTCHOT made in our Parisian workshops.

Long Kimono

Colorful, fringed, at home or at a party. you will sublimate your appearance with this timeless kimono.

Short Kimono

Motley, colorful and adorned with fringes, you can wear this piece for all occasions.

Unisex Kimono

For HIM or HER, this kimono will be the asset of a mixed wardrobe.

Vintage kimono

Give a second life to a traditional Japanese kimonos selected by DOTCHOT.



Each Kimono is unique, designed and made in Paris.  Available in long or short versions which can be worn as jackets or dresses.  My designs reflect my desire for a more ethical vision of the world. 

 My Kimonos are made in France with environmentally friendly fabrics.  They are produced as one of a kind and  limited editions

The story of kimonos

The Japanese  Kimono was derived from garments worn in China during the Wu dynasty. This garment, whose name literally means “a thing to wear” has become  universally popular.  The Kimono is an expression of the cultural sophistication and subtlety of Japanese culture. There are many different types of Kimono, each with its own name, shape, pattern, composition, use and wearer.

Thus, “Kurotomesode”, a black kimono with patterns below the waist, is worn by married women.  Single people wear a “Furisode” symbolized by very long sleeves that can reach the ground.