Made in France


Colorful, fringed, at home or at a party. you will sublimate your appearance with this timeless kimono.

Short Kimono

Motley, colorful and adorned with fringes, you can wear this piece for all occasions

Unisex Kimono

For HIM or HER, this kimono will be the asset of a mixed wardrobe.

Vintage kimono

Give a second life to a traditional Japanese kimonos selected by DOTCHOT.

Short Kimono

Unisex Kimono


Vintage Kimono


Long Kimono

Les influences de DOTCHOT

In order to design the DOTCHOT kimonos, I had to explore many horizons for inspiration. I was thus able to nourish my creative spirit to make all of our handmade pieces. In my childhood memories, were the keys that could not create DOTCHOT.

This is how I developed my passion for kimono for women. Realizing that since I was little, I have been linked to haute couture and Asian culture. In fact, I made the pattern with my grandmother, taking inspiration from a Japanese bathrobe, from a V-star hotel in Tokyo. It was one of my first kimono for women. Over time my attachment to the Japanese dress style grew.

As soon as I was old enough to understand and analyze the things around me, I was lucky enough to be able to travel with my parents and discover new inspirations. For example the fringed V point in the back which reminds me of cowboy jackets in Texas.

Or the traditional habits my aunt and uncle wear in Tokyo. Fabrics that I choose, which make me travel and which plunge me back into childhood memories.

This is why at DOTCHOT, we take care to select exceptional fabrics with floral and animal hues. So far we have succeeded in expressing our creativity and transcribing it through the DOTCHOT kimono models for women.

For these reasons we are proud to offer you today our four kimono cuts: court, long, unisex and vintage kimono.

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