“DOTCHOT, a cultural and authentic brand”

Hi, I’m Jessy, born in Florida to a model mother and photographer father. My childhood was enriched by travel, different cultures, changing atmosheres and diverse artforms.

For the last few months I have been living close to Paris in my grandfather’s artists studio, a place imbued with light and bohemian life. It is here that i decided to create my designs.

It was my grandmother Manou who inspired my taste for beautiful fabrics and encouraged my attention to detail …… “it’s the details that change everything!” As a child I played in Manou’s workshop in the Palais Royal, surrounded by fabrics, beads, pins …..

Later on, visiting my aunt and uncle in Tokyo, I was introduced to Japanese culture and design which has become a constant inspiration and theme in my work.

I spent many long summers on a beautiful island in the Morbihan region of France, and it was here I discovered a tiny atmospheric cove which came to inspire my brand name.

“These kimonos are made meticulously and with passion”

And so, very naturally, DOTCHOT was born :

A Kimono brand that can be worn everywhere…… at the beach, in the city, to a party or travelling.

These kimonos are made meticulously and with passion; being very sensitive to materials and prints I take great care in the selection of my fabrics.

Once chosen, and with huge excitement, I take them to my studio. Thus, these kimonos are French made and handmade. Each piece is unique and timeless.

Because of it’s history , DOTCHOT is a brand that invites you to travel.

Ahh …. I forgot! …. DOTCHOT will be born at the same time as my first child …..the story continues.